If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you need to get in touch with us:

1.Have you had the feeling that your meetings are time consuming?

2.You have been elected President. Are you thinking, "Oh, boy! What do I do now?"

3.As elected Secretary, do you feel uneasy or anxious about your duties?

4.Do 2 or 3 members always seem to control the discussion?

5.Do you feel the meetings are inefficient or unproductive?

6.Do the meetings seem unnecessary?

7.Can your meetings often be described as out of control?

What We Can Do For You

Using Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised as a guide:

Review state statutes governing your organization.
Review your organization's Articles of Incorporation.
Write your organization's original bylaws.
Amend bylaws. 
Revise bylaws.
Review other relevant documents.
Write meeting rules.
Develop meeting agenda and Call to Meeting protocols.
Prepare proxy forms or mail-in ballots.
Write committee chairman's scripts.
Assist President through meeting to adjournment.
Write sample motions.
Assure debate, voting and balloting are accomplished according to the Rules.
Assume President's presiding duties of a meeting upon request.
Serve as Parliamentarian, advising the President and members at a meeting.

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