About Us

We are highly-trained professionals in parliamentary procedure based on Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised. As “hands-on” leaders, we have the knowledge and expertise to assist any assembly, association, or organization, profit or nonprofit, in conducting an efficient, timely, and productive business meeting.

Meet Our Team

MaryAnne Tebedo
Born in Denver, Colorado, MaryAnne has been interested and active in local, state and national politics most of her life. From parenting 6 children with her husband, Don, to political campaign management, to elections to the Colorado House and Senate, MaryAnne learned the value of dedication and hard work. After completing undergraduate studies in dispute resolution at Denver University, MaryAnne served in the field of professional mediation. Becoming an expert at parliamentary services was a natural culmination of her education and experience. Here is a very trimmed down version of her achievements, all of them service oriented:

Certified Professional Registered Parliamentarian by the National Association of Parliamentarians since 1985.

Denver University Certificate in Advanced Studies in alternative dispute resolution, facilitation, negotiation, mediation and arbitration.

Colorado State Representative and State Senator from 1985 through 2000.

Mediator with the Neighborhood Justice Center for the District Attorney's Office, 4th Judicial District, Colorado, from 2000 through 2003.

Creation of her own limited liability company for practicing parliamentary law.

Teaching many organizations and businesses the fine points of using parliamentary procedures.

Served in various parliamentary capacities for dozens of clients, which includes homeowner's and property owner's associations, state government agencies, local, state and national professional and political associations, Olympic sports organizations, music organizations, medical associations, ethnic organizations, and youth organizations, to name just a few.

Kevin Tebedo, oldest son of MaryAnne, is a Colorado native and inherited his mother's energy and passion for serving others in his community.
After starting his own family and serving in the Air Force as a radiology technician, he furthered his education with a degree in Human Resource Management, as well as studies in police science, sales and motivational speaking.
As a Registered Professional Parliamentarian, Kevin has served several clients from govermental organizations, trade associations and homeowner's associations.
In addition to his parliamentarian work, Kevin is also the owner of Western Property Services and Five Laurels Enterprises.

Kevin Tebedo